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Gold prices have come a long way in a short time.

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Don't be caught under-insured. If your jewelry doesn't have current appraisals you may not receive replacement value. Appraisals are easily available at THE DIAMOND BOUTIQUE. In most cases a simple appraisal can be completed next day. We carefully examine each piece. Appraisals include a photograph, a detailed description, grading of all stones and a calculated current fair market replacement value for insurance purposes.

Appraisal values are based upon the following considerations:

Estimation of size and quality of these articles
Current metal, diamond and gemstone prices
Condition of articles appraised
The amount of labor and skill level needed to duplicate articles for replacement.

Measurements are taken in mounting. Some of the tools used in addition to the lifelong experience of the appraiser include, but are not limited to: Digital and manual millimeter gauges, microscope, refractometer, color master set, scale using grams and pennyweight (DWT) measures, photography equipment, and computer aided appraisal programs.

Appraisals can be issued free of charge at the customer's request for any item purchased at The Diamond Boutique. Appraisals should be updated a minimum of every 3 years.